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Your logistics partner

Do you need to adapt your logistics tools to your growth ? -to enhance your process? -to secure your order fulfillment process?

Specifically designed for tailored logistics, L4 Epsilon is a ground-breaking response to e-commerce, multi-channel and store-picking requirements.

The L4 Epsilon solution’s benefits :

- Zero error guarantee : Flawless order-fulfilment process with performing deposit control at each process step, operator monitoring

- Flexibility and scalability : in dealing with volume peaks, in changing product formats, in accompanying activity growth

- Simplicity : fast learning for operators (1 hour), easy integration of temp people

- Significant gain in productivity in comparison with the more traditional order-fulfilment systems with a 30-60% increase in order-fulfilment efficiency depending on the case, even during work peaks.

- Ability to support Just-In-Time and in-stock process, or both

- Fast ROI : from 6 to 18 months depending on projects

- Huge potential savings in surface usage and labour time

L4 Epsilon is your logistics partner to success.