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L4 Epsilon solution for E-commerce

Your logistics is now an asset

The supply-chain has been transformed by on-line business: mass logistics is being replaced by tailored logistics. At the same time, the web user has become a client like any other. He wants as many services, information and personalization as a “traditional” client.

That’s why the supply chain evolves towards a service-based logistics. L4 Epsilon carried out a survey called “Web users and e-commerce” in collaboration with IFOP and LSA (a French retail magazine) which highlights these new demands. The survey shows that, in case of error in an order, 40% of people polled expect a discount or a gift on their next order. Worst of all, those 40% won’t order anymore if another error happens. For delayed deliveries, a discount compensation or a gift voucher is required by 42% of people polled, and they won’t order anymore if another error occurs. They also would like to have many choices for deliveries: parcel outlet, store, home delivery, another person, etc. The web user is now a client as demanding and brand disloyal as any other.

E-logistics, your performance multiplier

Your logistics processes have to evolve to meet these new needs and thus get market shares. But e-commerce has strong ROI constraints even if the client is king. E-business models require a more rigorous and innovative management system. Your tailored logistics are under pressure !

You have to deal with :

-  A wide range of product references (a few thousand to hundreds of thousands or even millions of online product references)
-  Shortened shelf-life for collections or products : a few months to a few weeks or even a few days.
-  Last minute replenishments (just-in-time)
-  Sudden fluctuations in demand that are totally different from those of traditional retailing: the ratio between the average and peak volumes can range from one to five or one to ten depending on the day, the time of year, the type of sale – sales products, promotions, event-related products, etc.
-  A whole range of ever increasing delivery options open to the customer in terms of service and delivery time: post office service, specialized carriers, pick-up points, fixed time delivery, eco-delivery, overseas delivery, etc.
-  Constant pressure to reduce order-to-delivery times.
-  The demand for customized orders – customer fidelity – by adding a personal text or a gift wrap or a promotional item, and all according to the type of customer, their purchasing history, etc.
-  A high level of returns – up to 15-20% of orders. Returned products have to re-enter the sales cycle.
-  A high level of commitment to the customer for the competition is only a mouse click away and an e-reputation can fall as fast as it has risen.

At L4 Epsilon, we believe that all those challenges can be transformed into growth opportunities and make the difference. Born to manage e-logistics, L4 Epsilon can help you to give value to your logistics thanks to a flexible and scalable system.

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