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L4 Epsilon solution for In-store picking

Create value for your sales outlets

The in-store picking method is an order fulfillment method which consists in order-picking in the store instead of in a warehouse. This process is successfully used by many food-halls to boost their revenue whilst giving value to the sales point.

The in-store picking method can be very profitable if the company takes some constraints in account: shortened delivery time, limited space, missing and substitute products, staff management, cost control, ensuring client satisfaction, fluctuations in step with marketing incentives, etc. Furthermore, current processes [piece-picking method or multi-tiered picking carts] cannot adapt to peak periods. That’s why L4 Epsilon designed a dedicated solution to in-store picking.

Based on the L4 Epsilon system, the L4 Epsilon solution for in-store picking is a flexible offer for retailers wanting to take advantage of the Internet. Thanks to L4 Epsilon, the in-store picking becomes a profitable business investment to gain new clients and build customer loyalty.

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